Pantone AR Tester


Principles of UX


Ryan Medeiros


Choose an existing mobile application and redesign it either by bringing new function to it or improving the structure of the application and easing the flow. Conduct user research, analyze the application‘s workflow, generate the application concept, prepare various prototypes, user testing, and design the application with multiple complete user flow.

Summer 2017


UX / UI design, Application design,
Visual system


“VR will be big, AR will be bigger and take longer,” Digi-Capital said. AR is becoming more popular and starting to be used in various fields. Users want a function to test colors before they begin actual work. Pantone Studio mobile application as one of the most powerful color reference tools has great potential to meet user needs. My design solution is to push Pantone Studio mobile application further by adding a new function—AR tester.

Pantone AR Tester allows users to try on or test their color collections in real time. I believe this will free users’ ability and imagination.

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