Surprising Yourself


Visual Communications Lab


Sandra Isla


Think about the problems in daily life and then propose one as the design topic. Identify its audiences and stakeholders, and then create various deliverables that work together as a cohesive system. 


Fall 2015


Identity design, UX / UI design, Environmental design, Event design, Exhibition design


People are taking an increasing number of selfies and sharing them on social networks. However, currently, most selfies are just snapshots without good composition, light or concept. 

I created a brand called “Click” to guide and inspire selfie-takers to fully express their personalities by taking selfies in expressive ways. I designed posters to express the soul of the brand and an exhibition to showcase the creative selfies. Also, I created a photography workshop to teach people how to take good selfies and an app to help people take selfies creatively and easily.

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